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Conscendo is a Management Fest organized by Department of Commerce, Manipal. It is a 2-day event that extends the participants a forum to showcase the management skills and knowledge. Conscendo essentially means to climb a mountain'. At DOC, a student gets a simulation to become a real-life manager and live his life. The fest provides a platform for an expedition to the peak of management world. The management fest will test skills in the following areas: Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain, Public Relations and Best Manager.

A perfect combination of fun and on the field experience with all the ingredients of challenges, brainstorming, stress management, teamwork and seeking success, this arena provides students with an opportunity to not only display their strength but also learn about the real world. Conscendo aims to bring the boardroom fire and corporate drive into the college corridors and pave the way to a better army of managers to lead the nation. Over the years, Conscendo has not only grown in size but also has the level of difficulty to win. The experience that you get in Conscendo stays with you as a lesson throughout your life.

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Nandan R
Student Co-ordinator

Sri Krishna Pai
Student Co-ordinator

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Student Co-ordinator

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Student Co-ordinator